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Premier Texas Defense Attorneys We Defend DWI, Family Violence, Drug Charges, and more

Criminal Defense Attorneys
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DWI Defense

Your DWI case deserves the best possible defense.  Our attorneys are experienced in DWI defense and will provide you with the best possible advice in their professional opinions.

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Family Violence Defense

Family Violence cases require expert handling.  Our experienced defense attorneys will review your case and defend you to the greatest extent possible.

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Drug Possession and Distribution Defense

Cases involving drug possession happen every day.  Our attorneys have significant experience defending people charged with possession and distribution.

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Case Review

An experienced attorney will review your case, the facts, and the evidence against you to develop the best strategy.

Plea Bargains

Our attorneys are often able to negotiate good terms for plea bargains.  We will advise you whether we believe a plea is the best strategy.

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Our attorneys have significant experience at trial, if it comes to that.  Many of our attorneys are former prosecutors and know what it takes to win.

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Your Rights

You have many rights.  Our attorneys will advise you on your rights before, during, and after the case.

About the DWI Guys Texas Law Firm

About Us

DWI Guys Texas is dedicated to criminal defense in Texas.  Although our name is DWI Guys Texas, we accept more than just DWI cases.  Whether you are facing charges for Family Violence, Drugs, Aggravated Assault, Attempted Murder, White Collar Crimes, or any other crime, we have attorneys who can handle your case.

Our attorneys have the experience necessary to negotiate plea bargains and navigate trials.  We will advise you on what the best course of action is, but ultimately the decision on how to proceed is always yours.

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Experience You Can Trust

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We hire only the best Criminal Defense Attorneys.  Many of our attorneys are former prosecutors while others have significant experience in other areas, whether that is plea negotiation, or trial.  Regardless of your the criminal charges against you, we have an attorney who can handle your case.


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Realistic Attorneys who Understand your case and advise based on the facts.

Our Firm Will Fight for You

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We understand the real-life consequences of criminal charges.  Our attorneys will review your case and understand the facts and evidence.  Based on our attorneys’ review of your case, we will be able to provide a realistic view of how to proceed, whether that is try to get a plea bargain or proceed to trial.

We Treat Our Clients LIke Family

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The attorneys at DWI Guys Texas know how stressful criminal charges can be to both the accused and the accused’s family.  We do our best to relieve some of the stress by treating our clients like family.

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Client Reviews

I thank the Lord Jesus for your firm which represented my son, we got better than we could ask for. And I appreciated all that our attorney did for him. I pray the blessing of Jesus over him from now and forever.
I had a great experience with my attorney, Samuel Lyles. He kept money on the phone while I was in the jail and that made it possible to be able to remain in contact with him. Not only that, but he’d actually answer the phone unlike a lot of other lawyers in this city. This man actually showed me he was on my team, and he got me a pr bond after being there for 90 days and not getting indicted- Which is why I’m able to be free right now. I highly recommend him.
my attorney helped me fight my charges to the best of his abilities and my family and I appreciate the dedication.”

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