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Best San Marcos DWI and Criminal Defense Attorneys

Best DWI Law Firm in San Marcos, Texas

At DWI Guys Texas, we understand the overwhelming stress and uncertainty that accompany criminal charges. Our San Marcos DWI and criminal defense attorneys are very knowledgeable about the Hays County and San Marcos courts and prosecutors.  Our law firm proudly provides the best DWI and criminal defense lawyers in San Marcos and a top-tier legal defense for individuals facing DWI (Driving While Intoxicated), drug charges, domestic violence allegations, and a broad spectrum of criminal offenses. Our commitment is unwavering: to deliver robust defense strategies tailored to safeguard your rights, protect your reputation, and secure the most favorable outcome possible.

San Marcos Texas DWI and Criminal Defense Attorneys

Why Choose DWI GUys Texas?

Your Trusted Defense Against DWI and Criminal Charges in San Marcos, Texas

Navigating the legal waters in San Marcos, Texas, can be overwhelming, especially when facing DWI and criminal charges. At DWI Guys Texas, we understand the stress and uncertainty that accompanies such challenges. Our criminal defense lawyers are dedicated to providing robust legal defense for individuals accused of a wide range of criminal activities, including but not limited to DWI (Driving While Intoxicated), drug charges, domestic violence, and other serious offenses. Our mission is clear: to offer unwavering support and expert legal representation to our clients, ensuring the best possible outcomes for their cases.

San Marcos is a vibrant city, a bustling community of students, professionals, and families, and home to Texas State University. The unique dynamics of this city require a defense strategy that is both comprehensive and tailored to meet the specific needs of its residents, including the students of Texas State University. At DWI Guys Texas, we pride ourselves on our deep understanding of the local legal landscape, which is crucial in navigating the complexities of criminal defense successfully.

Personalized Defense for a Wide Variety of Charges

Our DWI and criminal defense lawyers are the best in San Marcos.  Our expertise spans across all facets of criminal law, with a particular focus on DWI defense. Texas laws are stringent when it comes to DWI, and the consequences of a conviction can be severe, ranging from hefty fines and license suspension to imprisonment and a permanent mark on your record. Recognizing the gravity of these charges, our team employs a rigorous approach to DWI defense, combining thorough legal knowledge with strategic planning to challenge evidence, question procedural errors, and explore all avenues for case dismissal or reduction of charges.

But our expertise doesn’t stop at DWI. Our San Marcos criminal defense lawyers are also skilled at handling cases involving drug charges, from simple possession to more complex distribution allegations. We understand the nuances of Texas drug laws and employ a proactive defense strategy to protect your rights and freedom. In cases of domestic violence, we provide a sensitive yet powerful defense, recognizing the personal and legal complexities involved. Our goal is to ensure that justice is served, focusing on fair treatment and the preservation of your future.

Committed to Representing Texas State University Students

The student community at Texas State University holds a special place in our practice. Our San Marcos DWI and criminal defense lawyers understand the significant impact that criminal charges can have on a student’s academic standing, career prospects, and overall future. That’s why we offer individualized legal support for students, ensuring they receive the focused defense they deserve. Whether it’s a misunderstanding, a mistake, or a wrongful accusation, DWI Guys Texas stands ready to defend the rights of Texas State University students, advocating for their best interests in and out of the courtroom.

Why Trust DWI Guys Texas?

Our commitment to excellence, deep local expertise, and a personalized approach to criminal defense set our criminal defense lawyers apart. We believe in building strong, trusting relationships with our clients, providing them with the confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing they have a dedicated team fighting on their behalf. At DWI Guys Texas, we’re not just your DWI lawyers and criminal defense attorneys; we’re your allies, committed to navigating the legal system with you, every step of the way.

If you or someone you know is facing DWI or criminal charges in San Marcos, Texas, don’t face it alone. Contact DWI Guys Texas today. Let our criminal defense lawyers be your trusted defense, ensuring that your rights are protected and your voice is heard. Together, we can work towards the best possible resolution of your case, helping you move forward with your life.

Facing criminal charges can be one of the most challenging times in your life. At DWI Guys Texas, we’re not just your attorneys; we’re your staunch supporters, providing not only legal representation but also guidance and reassurance throughout this difficult journey.

Our Expertise:  Navigating the Complexities of Criminal Defense

At DWI Guys Texas, our legal acumen spans a broad spectrum of criminal defense areas, underpinned by a profound understanding of Texas law and the intricacies of the legal system in San Marcos and Hays County. Our seasoned San Marcos criminal defense attorneys bring a wealth of experience, dedication, and personalized attention to each case, ensuring that our clients receive the highest caliber of legal defense. Here, we delve into our core areas of expertise, illustrating our approach to defending against DWI charges, drug offenses, domestic violence allegations, and more.

DWI/DUI Defense

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) charges in Texas carry severe penalties that can impact every facet of your life, from your driving privileges to your employment opportunities. Our San Marcos DWI lawyers approach to DWI defense is both strategic and comprehensive. We meticulously review every detail of your case, from the initial traffic stop to the administration of breathalyzer or blood tests, challenging any procedural mistakes or evidentiary weaknesses. Our San Marcos DWI lawyers stay abreast of the latest in DWI defense strategies, including questioning the accuracy of breathalyzer equipment, challenging the legality of traffic stops, and scrutinizing field sobriety tests. Our objective is not only to protect your rights but to secure outcomes that favor your future.

Drug Charges Defense

Texas has some of the strictest drug laws in the nation, with penalties ranging from fines to extensive prison time, depending on the nature and quantity of the substance involved. Our defense against drug charges begins with a thorough investigation of your arrest and the circumstances surrounding it. Our San Marcos criminal defense lawyers examine the search and seizure process for constitutional violations, contest the prosecution’s evidence, and explore alternatives to conviction, such as diversion programs. Our nuanced understanding of drug laws enables us to craft defenses that address the specifics of each charge, whether it involves possession, manufacturing, or distribution.

Domestic Violence Defense

Allegations of domestic violence carry not only legal consequences but also profound personal and social repercussions. Our San Marcos criminal defense lawyers approach these cases with a blend of legal expertise and sensitivity, recognizing the delicate nature of such accusations. Our defense strategy involves a rigorous examination of the evidence, witness statements, and any potential motives for false allegations. Our San Marcos criminal defense lawyers work diligently to protect your rights while seeking resolutions that minimize the impact on your life and livelihood. Our goal is to ensure that justice prevails, advocating for outcomes that reflect the truth of the situation.

Comprehensive DWI and Criminal Defense

Beyond DWI, drug charges, and domestic violence, DWI Guys Texas is equipped to handle a wide array of criminal charges. Our criminal defense lawyers’ expertise extends to theft, assault, white-collar crimes, and more. No matter the complexity of the case, our approach is consistent: we offer a defense that is both aggressive and tailored to the individual needs of our clients. We believe in a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to criminal defense, anticipating the prosecution’s moves and preparing counterstrategies accordingly.

Why Choose DWI Guys Texas?

When you’re facing criminal charges in San Marcos or anywhere in Hays County, choosing the right legal representation can significantly influence the outcome of your case. At DWI Guys Texas, we’re not just DWI lawyers and criminal defense attorneys; our San Marcos criminal defense lawyers are dedicated advocates who stand by your side through every step of the legal process. Here’s why we are the preferred choice for those seeking exceptional defense against DWI and criminal charges.

Unmatched Local Expertise

Our deep roots in San Marcos and Hays County give us an unparalleled understanding of the local legal landscape. This local expertise means our criminal defense attorneys are familiar with the judges, prosecutors, and court personnel, and we understand their procedures and preferences. This insight allows us to tailor our defense strategies effectively, providing our clients with a significant advantage in court.

Comprehensive Legal Defense

Our team of criminal defense lawyers brings together diverse strengths and knowledge in various areas of criminal law. Whether you’re facing DWI charges, drug-related accusations, or allegations of domestic violence, we have the expertise to mount a robust defense. Our comprehensive approach ensures that no stone is left unturned in seeking the best possible outcome for your case.

Personalized Attention and Support

We believe that successful legal defense goes beyond the courtroom. From the moment you engage our services, you’ll receive personalized attention and support from a San Marcos criminal defense lawyer. We take the time to understand your situation, explain your legal options, and develop a strategy that aligns with your goals. Our commitment to open communication means you’re always informed about the progress of your case.

Proven Track Record of Success

Our firm prides itself on a proven track record of successful outcomes for our clients. We have secured acquittals, dismissals, and favorable plea agreements in a wide range of cases, from minor offenses to serious felonies. These successes reflect our team’s dedication, skill, and relentless pursuit of justice for our clients.

A Commitment to Educating Our Clients

At DWI Guys Texas, we believe in empowering our clients through education. We provide resources and guidance to help you understand the legal challenges you’re facing, the options available to you, and the strategies we’ll employ in your defense. By demystifying the legal process, we help reduce the stress and uncertainty that often accompany criminal charges.

Accessible and Responsive Legal Representation

We prioritize accessibility and responsiveness because we understand that legal issues don’t adhere to a 9-to-5 schedule. Our clients can reach a criminal defense lawyer when they need us, ensuring that urgent matters are addressed promptly and effectively. Our commitment to being there for our clients is just one of the many ways we demonstrate our dedication to their well-being and success.

Support for Texas State Students

At DWI Guys Texas, our criminal defense lawyers recognize the unique challenges and concerns that Texas State University students face when dealing with DWI and criminal charges. The implications of such charges can extend far beyond the courtroom, potentially affecting a student’s academic standing, scholarship eligibility, participation in extracurricular activities, and future career prospects. Our firm is committed to providing legal support tailored to the needs of university students, ensuring that their legal issues are addressed with the utmost care and consideration for their academic and future success

We hold a special commitment to representing students from Texas State University facing criminal charges. Understanding the unique challenges and stakes for students—ranging from disciplinary actions to impacts on future career prospects—we offer dedicated legal support designed to navigate both the legal and academic implications of their charges. Our expertise in representing students ensures that we approach each case with an eye toward not only clearing their legal hurdles but also preserving their academic standing and future opportunities.

DWI and Criminal Defense Specific to Texas State Students

Our DWI and criminal defense lawyers in San Marcos recognize the unique challenges faced by Texas State University students who are navigating the complexities of criminal charges. Our firm offers legal services designed to protect students’ academic and professional futures. Our Texas State criminal defense lawyers understand the stakes are high, and we’re committed to providing the advocacy and support needed to address both the legal and academic implications of their cases.

Understanding the Stakes for Students

For students, the repercussions of a criminal charge can be particularly severe. A conviction can result in disciplinary action from the university, including suspension or expulsion. It can also impact future opportunities, such as graduate school admissions, professional licenses, and employment prospects in certain fields. Recognizing these stakes, DWI Guys Texas offers legal representation that not only focuses on the immediate legal challenges but also takes into account the long-term impacts on a student’s life.

Tailored Legal Strategies for Texas State University Students

Our criminal defense lawyers’ approach to defending Texas State University students involves tailored legal strategies that consider the broader context of their lives and futures. We understand the importance of maintaining a clean record and work diligently to seek outcomes that minimize the potential damage to a student’s academic and professional trajectory. This might involve our criminal defense lawyers negotiating for reduced charges, exploring diversion programs, or aggressively defending against charges in court to seek a dismissal or acquittal.

Navigating University Disciplinary Proceedings

In addition to legal representation in court, DWI Guys Texas assists students in navigating the Texas State University Code of Student Conduct and disciplinary process. Our San Marcos criminal defense lawyers understand the internal procedures of Texas State University and can provide guidance on how to approach disciplinary hearings, prepare statements, and present evidence in the most favorable light. Our goal is to ensure that students receive a fair hearing and that their side of the story is fully heard and considered.

Preventative Education and Awareness

We also believe in the power of preventative education and awareness. DWI Guys Texas actively engages with the Texas State University community to provide information on the legal implications of DWI and criminal charges, strategies for avoiding legal troubles, and the importance of making informed decisions. Through workshops, seminars, and informational resources, our San Marcos criminal defense lawyers aim to equip students with the knowledge they need to navigate the challenges of university life responsibly.

A Partner in Your Corner

Facing criminal charges can be an isolating experience, particularly for students far from their support networks. At DWI Guys Texas, our criminal defense lawyers pride ourselves on being more than just legal representatives; we are partners and advocates for our clients. Our team is accessible, providing support and reassurance throughout the legal process. Our San Marcos criminal defense attorneys understand the stress and anxiety that come with legal troubles and are committed to providing a source of stability and confidence for the students we represent.

DWI Charges in Texas:  What You Need to Know

In Texas, driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a serious offense with penalties that escalate with the severity of the charge. Texas law defines intoxication as not having the normal use of mental or physical faculties by reason of the introduction of alcohol, a controlled substance, a drug, a dangerous drug, a combination of two or more of those substances, or any other substance into the body; or having an alcohol concentration of 0.08 or more. The consequences of a DWI conviction can range from fines and license suspension to jail time and mandatory education programs, depending on factors such as your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at the time of arrest, any previous offenses, and whether there was an accident or injury involved.

First-Time DWI Offense

If this is your first DWI offense, our San Marcos attorneys will thoroughly explain the criminal charges, potential consequences, and prepare you for the legal process, your rights, and help you prepare a defense strategy specific to your case.  Your San Marcos criminal defense attorney can represent you in court, at DMV hearings, negotiate with prosecutors, and be your advocate for a favorable outcome.

In San Marcos, Hays County, and all of Texas, a person’s first DWI offense is a Class B misdemeanor which has a maximum jail sentence of 180 days, a fine of no more than $2,000, and suspension of his or her driver’s license for up to one year.  These penalties may be increased, though.  If someone is charged with DWI and their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was more than 0.15%, increased penalties may (and probably will) be imposed.

Although your driver’s license may be suspended for up to one year if convicted for DWI, you may qualify for an occupational driver’s license which would allow you to drive to and from work, school, or other essential activities.

Subsequent DWI Offenses

Penalties increase significantly with subsequent DWI convictions. A second offense can lead to a fine of up to $4,000, one month to a year in jail, loss of driver’s license for up to two years, and similar annual fees for three years. A third offense is considered a felony, with potential penalties including a $10,000 fine, two to ten years in state prison, loss of driver’s license for up to two years, and the annual fee for three years.

Drug Charges in Texas

Texas law categorizes illegal drugs into different penalty groups, with penalties varying based on the group and the amount of the drug involved. Charges can range from possession, which might result in probation or treatment programs for small amounts, to manufacturing and trafficking, which can carry lengthy prison sentences and substantial fines.

Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence in Texas covers a range of offenses, including assault, battery, and other forms of physical or emotional abuse against a family member, household member, or current/former romantic partner. The penalties for domestic violence can vary widely, from misdemeanor charges for a first offense to felony charges for repeated offenses or if serious bodily injury occurs.

Importance of Expert Legal Representation

Given the complexities of Texas law and the significant impact a conviction can have on your life, securing expert legal representation is paramount. At DWI Guys Texas, our San Marcos criminal defense lawyers have extensive experience navigating the Texas legal system, providing aggressive defense strategies tailored to the specifics of your case. We’re committed to protecting your rights and achieving the best possible outcome, whether through case dismissal, charge reduction, or acquittal at trial.

Understanding your charges and the potential consequences is the first step in mounting a successful defense. With DWI Guys Texas, you have a team ready to guide you through the legal process, offering clarity, support, and unwavering advocacy every step of the way.

Get the Defense You Deserve

In the face of criminal charges, the quality of your legal defense can significantly influence the trajectory of your life. At DWI Guys Texas, our DWI and criminal defense lawyers firmly believe that everyone deserves a defense that is not only vigorous and strategic but also personalized to their unique situation. Our commitment to excellence, our deep understanding of Texas law, and our unwavering dedication to our clients set us apart. Here’s how we ensure you get the defense you deserve.

Comprehensive Legal Assessment

Every case begins with a comprehensive legal assessment by one of our San Marcos criminal defense lawyers, where we meticulously review the details of your charges, the circumstances of your arrest, and any evidence against you. This thorough evaluation allows us to identify strengths and weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and to develop a customized defense strategy that addresses your specific needs and goals.

Strategic Defense Planning

Armed with a deep understanding of your case, our San Marcos criminal defense lawyers embark on strategic defense planning. This involves exploring all available legal avenues, from negotiating plea deals to preparing for trial. Our strategies are not only designed to challenge the prosecution’s case but also to mitigate potential penalties and protect your rights and freedoms.

Aggressive Representation in Court

When your case goes to court, you need an advocate who will fight for you aggressively. DWI Guys Texas criminal defense attorneys are known for their assertive presence in the courtroom. We are skilled in the art of litigation, from cross-examining witnesses to presenting compelling arguments to the judge and jury. Our goal is to secure the best possible outcome, whether that’s a case dismissal, an acquittal, or a favorable plea agreement.

Personalized Attention Throughout Your Case

Throughout the legal process, you will receive personalized attention from our team of criminal defense lawyers in San Marcos. We understand that dealing with criminal charges can be stressful and confusing, which is why we prioritize clear, open communication. Our San Marcos criminal defense lawyers will always keep you informed about the progress of your case and understand the steps we’re taking on your behalf. Our attorneys are accessible, ready to answer your questions, and provide the reassurance you need.

Support Beyond the Courtroom

Our support doesn’t end in the courtroom. Our San Marcos criminal defense attorneys recognize that criminal charges can have wide-ranging implications for your life, from your employment prospects to your personal relationships. As such, we offer guidance on managing the fallout from your case, including advice on how to explain the situation to employers or how to navigate the consequences of a conviction.

A Record of Success

Choosing DWI Guys Texas means putting your trust in a law firm with a proven record of success. Our history of favorable outcomes speaks to our expertise, our strategic approach to defense, and our commitment to our clients. We’re proud of the difference we’ve made in the lives of those we’ve represented, and we’re ready to make a difference for you.

Potential Life COnsequences

Aside from the potential legal penalties of jail time, loss of driver’s license, and fines, a DWI conviction can have additional long-term consequences.  You may lose your job and future job prospects may decrease.  Admissions and attendance at a college or university may also be hurt.  Your car insurance prices will almost certainly increase.  So it is important to have the best DWI defense representation possible in San Marcos and Hays County.  DWI Guys Texas are here to help for DWI cases in San Marcos.



The first step is for an experienced DWI Defense attorney to hear the facts of the case directly from you and to review the evidence against you.


Our experienced DWI Defense Attorneys will then explain, in detail, the potential consequences, how the defense process works, What to expect, timelines, and answer any questions you may have.


After you decide to engage us, we will begin talking with the prosecutors about your case, obtaining the evidence against you, and devising the best possible defense given the facts of your case.


If our attorneys can negotiate a favorable plea dea with the prosecutors, that is often the best outcome. It can reduce your expenses and still keep you out of jail.


If you decide you would like to go to trial, our DWI attorneys will zealously defend you.

Schedule a Consultation With an Attorney Today

If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, don’t wait to secure the defense you deserve. Contact DWI Guys Texas today to schedule a consultation. We’ll discuss your case, explain your options, and outline how we can help you navigate the challenges ahead. With DWI Guys Texas, you’re not just getting a lawyer; you’re gaining a dedicated advocate committed to securing the best possible outcome for your case.

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